It provides repair & repair, maintenance and update services to individual and corporate customers for all computers such as desktop, laptop, All-in-One.

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MaxiTech Bilişim was established in 2010 in Istanbul to provide special service to world brands in the field of computers, phones and tablets. Our company, which has developed in a short time thanks to its innovative structure, using information and communication technologies in the best way with its equipped service laboratory, professional team and solution partners, has become an IT company that is taken as an example and followed in the sector with its innovative applications.

Our company, which provides a wide range of services from home users to businesses in the field of informatics, provides computer and mobile repair services for end users, technical service and spare parts supply for service companies (dealership), contracted service for businesses and internet solutions.

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If you need technical service, you are at the right address!

You can choose us for professional, fast and economical technical service.


How does the computer repair procedure work?

As we receive your computer, we diagnose the unit according to your requests. After this diagnosis our Technician will contact you by text or give you a call as per your choice. You will be informed on what caused the problem and how this repair will be. Also, If a replacement is required, if there are any extra costs and when we will deliver the computer. After your approval, the repair will begin and you will be informed after the tests are successfully completed.


We provide projector repair services for all multimedia projectors:

Digital DLP projectors, digital 3LCD projectors, digital LASER projectors, digital LCD projectors and digital LED projectors. We also service and repair SMART Board projectors, 3D Projectors and 4K UHD Projectors. Our service repairs all types of projectors like large venue projectors, small business presentation projectors, home theater projectors, and classroom interactive projectors. We have high-class electronic equipment to support component level diagnosis and repairs. Component level replacements allow us to keep the projector repair costs reasonable. Only OEM parts are used. We also provide projector maintenance services, which include a complete cleaning of the inside & outside elements, fans and air filters, lenses as well as testing and restoring projectors to manufacturer settings.


We offer maintenance, paper feed problems, alignment and blur adjustment. refill for cartridges, repair, cleaning, replacement and maintenance services.


Most of the times motherboards are broken as a result of PBC tear-off caused by overheating, insufficient cooling, component deterioration caused by unexpected current changes, rusty lines and short circuit caused by old capacitor leakages, misconnection caused by physical impact, or excessive shock over the I/O ports. As we disassemble your computer, we diagnose the motherboard and inform you on the issue. After your approval we start the repair or replacement procedure and deliver the motherboard after all required tests are completed.


There are two types of Graphics Cards. Embedded on motherboard and External cards which are commonly used on Desktop Computers. Overheating, overload in electrical current, liquid contact or capacitor deterioration are the main reasons for faulty graphics card units. As we examine your card carefully, we inform you about the problem, the cost of repair and as you approve we start the repair process or parts replacement if necessary.


If your laptop case is damaged or broken in any way, after we examine your computer for any unexpected internal damages, we will inform you on the issue and will start the case repair or parts replacements as we receive your approval.


Laptop hinges are often prone to breakage since the lid is usually opened and closed several times per day. Usually, we see damage occurring from clients opening the lid from either of the sides of the screen instead of the middle part. If you notice your laptop lid opens very easily, or the screen won’t stay straight, you may consider hinge repair. If your computer's hinges are already loose or cracked we may suggest keeping the laptop in a position that doesn’t inflict further damage. If you close the laptop and it makes a clicking and cracking sound, you may damage it further. After we examine the broken case and hinges, we will clean the case and repair the broken hinge by welding or replace the piece if necessary. This procedure requires cleaning, welding the hinges and bonding the broken plastic pieces with special chemicals.


All types of I/O Ports for your computer including Power Socket, USB, HDMI, VGA, Ethernet, headphones and mic can be repaired or replaced.


If your laptop had any kind of liquid spill, it is most likely that it will not work, in this case we will examine your laptop for any potential damages this liquid may cause. We will inform you and start the repair or replacement process as we get your approval. We also replace any missing buttons on the keyboard.


Hard Drive, SSD, Disk and Program Recovery. We Are Expert In This For More Than 10 Years.


As Maxitech informatics, we provide services in many areas. If you have any problems with your computer, tablet or phone, you can choose us as a technical service with peace of mind. In addition, with our IT Solution service, we provide on-site technical service on a contractual basis to corporate companies.


Koşuyolu, Dinlenç Cd. No 15 / 2, 34718 Kadıköy/İstanbul

+90 545 573 36 69

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